Professional Tax Preparation

MMTi™ Professional Tax Preparation & Review: 

Tax laws and IRS rules are complicated, and the language of the tax code is difficult to understand. MMTi™ will help you take full advantage of any new laws. MMTi™ provides one-on-one tax preparation, tax review, electronic filing and audit assistance.


MMTI™ one-on-one Professional Tax Preparation, is one of the most thorough and unhurried tax preparation service, you would ever receive. We ask a lot of questions that most other tax prepares dont think about. This is how we saved a client an additional $4208 on previous years tax return prepared by the world's largest tax service provider. Because we take the time, our clients often remark that they feel they have never really had a thorough tax return prepared before. We ensure that benefits for loan origination cost paid on purchase/refinance of homes, savers tax credit, retirement contribution savings are not missed out and that your filing status results in the lowest tax possible.

We ensure that our customers take advantage of all the recent tax law changes like $8000 First Time Home buyers Tax Credit, Payroll Tax Credit, New Vehicle Sales Tax Deduction, College Tuition Tax Credits, Training Tax Credits/Deductions, Residential Energy-Efficient Tax Credit, Unemployment Benefit Tax Exclusion etc.

Our Features: 

To make it easier for our new customers, we are currently running an 'iDecide' offer. We are so confident that you will like our service, that we trust you to decide, what you pay for the tax preparation service.